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Financial Calculator Negative Pv. Had you entered 010 the future value would have come out to 100501 obviously incorrect. If you enter a negative number of days the start date will be updated.

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When using financial calculator many people will find that they are not sure when they should put a negative sign -ve for present value PV and payment PMT If you have wrongly put the negative sign or forget to put the negative sign the answer may be wrong. Auto Loan and Lease Auto Loan Calculator. Use it for quick reference.

Usually because the debts are entered as positive numbers such as the amount of your loans mortgage etc.

Future Value FV Future value of a lump sum. Created by Sal KhanWatch the next lesson. This is simply a way of keeping the direction of the cash flow straight. There are 10 storage areas To retrieve the value press the RCL key and then the specific digit from 0 to 9.